Garriga Pradas Lawyers carries out all the necessary searches (LEGAL SEARCH) on the proposed property, to ensure that there are no charges on the property, or any other potential issues which the client should be aware of.

Prior to our client making any payment, we carry out all the necessary legal searches on the proposed property, to ensure that there are no charges of any kind, and that the property is 100% legal.

To ensure this, we produce a detailed and comprehensive ‘Legal Search Report’, for our clients, including: the Land Registry; Local Authority; Local Rates Office; Town Hall Building Rules; Utility Companies; and the Regional Urbanism Commission.

This report will cover all the following documents:

  • Building plans including the required official “College of Architects” registration.
  • The Town Hall Building License.
  • The Town Hall Building Rules Act.
  • The Town Hall plan of Building Areas.
  • Plan of the area and the surroundings.
  • Neighbouring areas marked and planned as urban area, green belt, agricultural areas, etc.
  • Urbanisation Plans (plots, roads…etc).
  • Previous Title Deeds.
  • Aerial pictures of the property.
  • Land Registry Certificate ( detailing description of the property, legal owner, legal title, boundaries, surface, location, existing charges ..etc).
  • Info from Mercantile Registry of Companies with reference to the building company, with yearly updates.
  • File with detailed information including financial economic, mercantile and judicial evaluations regarding the builder/seller.
  • Report of the finnancial standing of the property construction company.
  • Local rates of the property (current and previous years).
  • Community payments.
  • Local Authority “Living Accomodation Certificate”
  • Home Energy Efficiency Certificate

As a special “one-off service”: 

… we can carry out a fully comprehensive set of legal searches on any propert in Spain,

… and provide you with an online report setting out all the findings,

… all within 48 hours!!

… for an “all inclusive” fee of only 900 euro!!

Spain is different! The laws, customs, regulations, tax systems etc., are radically different from those in other countries. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that because things are done a certain way in your country, that they will done the same way in Spain – because more often than not, they won’t be! Of course, everything is very properly regulated in Spain – but perhaps regulated in a different way, or by a different agency, so don’t make any assumptions – and get a legal search in time! From a firm who know the ropes in Spain.

Town Hall "Building Rules Plan" covering the area in which the property is located.

Plan and legend of the specific Town Hall Building Rules that affect the property.


Local Rates file and details of the property (Catastro File).

Aerial photograph and detailed mapping of the property.

Aerial location of the property: map and pictures of the building, plot, pool, streets.

"Town Hall Building Rules" specifically affecting the property

Articles of the specific Town Hall Building Rules that affect the property.

"Living Accomodation Certificate".

Legal Certificate issued by the county authorities certifying the property is fulfilling the legal requirements to be considered a living area.

Home Energy Efficiency Certificate

Legal Certificate issued by the county authorities certifying the level of isolation and Efficiency of the property (from A to G levels).

Community "Property Owners Certificate" to certify that the property is "Debt-Free" of any community charges.

Legal Certificate issued by the Community of Owners Association certifying non debts to the community.

Official "Land Registry Certificate" to certify the legal ownership and legal charges of the property.

Legal Certificate issued by the Land Registry certifying the legal owner and the existing legal charges on the property.

Example of the detailed and comprehensive "Legal Search Report" which we produce for each property, and provide for our clients.

Sample of LEGAL SEARCH from Garriga Lawyers Firm.